شهادات من عملاؤنا السابقون

Dear Mr. Kayyali,
I would love to thank you for the time and dedication spent on my application and I absolutely appreciate all the work put into my case. The wonderful staff you have went above and beyond to make sure everything was done in a timely manner.
Best regards,
Nart S.

Dear Mr. Essam,
As you may know, I am now in California. And it would not have been possible if it weren’t for all the work you put in with me. You gave me outstanding service and I wish I can do more to pay you back. The opportunity you gave me is more than anything I can do for you guys.
I will recommend Mr Fadi Kayyali’s office to anyone and everyone who wants to come to America 
Thank you again dearly,
Best Regards,
Mosaed A.

Dear Fadi,

Words can’t explain what you guys did for my family, and me. I am finally settled in here in Houston and it is as amazing as I thought it would be. Lana and the girls say thank you for everything to you and your amazing staff. Also, thank Ali for me for taking specific interest in my case.
Best Regards,
Nader A.

Dear Ali,

thank you for all the work you did. All the times I called, and all the questions I had must have drove you crazy. You and Mr. Edgar were able to answer all my questions and I appreciate you and Mr. Edgar for all that work on my case.

Ammar S.

Dear Essam,
I am beyond words for the priceless opportunity you and your staff have given me. California is home now.
Thank you forever
Abdulrahman A.

Dear Fadi and Rola,
What you guys did for me and my family is beyond amazing, you guys opened your house to us for dinner when we came into town on the first day. You made America feel like home, and I cant thank you enough. Our kids loved being around your kids, inshAllah we will have more opportunities for get together now that you guys got us approved for Michigan 

Best Regards,
Loay A.

Dear Team,

What can I say, starting with you Mr and Mrs Kayyali, you guys are really positive and willed me through this process when I was being negative. As for the team, Edgar and Chris were out standing with communications through email. Ali and Essam did priceless work with filing the paperwork and keeping up with the company that provided the business plan in no time. They also picked me up from the airport when I came to meet with you guys when they didn’t have to. Class A organization. New Jersey is amazing, and you are all welcome to my home anytime.

Many Thanks,

Mohammad A.

Dear Edgar,

I was in such a bad situation at home, you made it all possible for me to enjoy life here in America, thank you so much for all the time and effort put in.

Sarah M.

2 comments on “شهادات من عملاؤنا السابقون
  1. Ahmed says:

    Dear Mr.Fady,
    We are Egyptian family, we would like to work in USA
    we heard that we can come as nonimmigrant visa E2
    Kindly Details : papers, Amount of money for investment, fees….etc

    • immigration says:

      There is no minimum amount to invest in the US for E-2 purposes. However, the more the better. You need to prove the source of your investment. In addition, you have to secure/buy a business before you apply for the E-2 visa and transfer the money to this business.

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