Intra comapy transferee Visa

What is an intra company transferee visa?

It’s, also known as the L visa permits an executive manager or a manager to work and live in the US during the life of the visa in the capacity of a managerial position.

For How long is the visa valid for?

The visa is valid for up to 7 years. It can be given up to three years in a row renewed for another three years for a total of 7 years. Usually, the transferee is given one year of stay if opening a new business which can be extended as mentioned earlier.

Can the spouse work in the US?

Yes, the spouse can request for a work permit from the immigration and children under age of 21 can go to school and get the same benefits like permanent residents.

What type of employees are eligible for this visa?

Executive managers are eligible for this type of visa. Also general managers, marketing, sales managers or any other manager who has paramount duties and responsibilities can apply. The manger must prove his employment for the foreign company for at least a year within the past three year from applying for the L-1A visa. The employment must be continuous without interruptions.

Do I have to work during the entire period in the US?

No, you can work back and forth between the foreign company and the US company as long as you practice your duties as a manager in the US company

Do both companies must have same ownership?

Yes, the foreign company must prove ownership of the US subsidiary or at least 51% of the shares.



What is an Eb-5 visa

It’s a visa that allows the holder to obtain a temporary green card upon investing certain amount of money and after two years to apply for the permanent green card.  The investor must prove during the first two years that his capital investment has hired at least 10 employees.

What’s the minimum amount of investment for Eb-5 purposes?

A $500,000 is the minimum investment which applies for investments in rural area (an area that has over 20,000 in population) or has an unemployment rate over 150% of the national unemployment rate.

You can invest this amount through a regional center or by direct investment.

If investor doesn’t like the above conditions, he/she can invest anywhere in the US as long as the investment is $1,000,000.

What is a direct and indirect employment requirement?

A direct employment requirement applies to investor investing an amount of $1,000,000 which means that investor must prove that he hire full time employees working for him directly, such as 8-5 employees working in the same location where investment is taking place.

Indirect employment applies for investor investing $500,000 where they can prove hiring 10 employees either by showing a full time employment or by hiring contractors, etc.

What is the source of funding requirement?

The immigration requires each investor to prove his source of funding before he gets any legal status in the US. The immigration wants to verify the source of funding just in case the money was obtained in an unlawful manner.

How do you prove the source of funding?

The investor must trace his investment back to the original source. Such as employees must prove their salary deposit slips, direct deposit, etc. which was accumulated during a long period of time. Business man, must prove that their business is lawful and that the money came directly from their business account into their persona account. Also, gifts are permits for purposes of investment as long as the person giving the gift can prove his source of income. Some cases, a sale of land, inheritance, etc  is sufficient to prove the source of investment.


Get your green card in few months through the Eb-5 program. Invest $500,000 and you are good to go.

Get your green card in one year if you are an intercompany transferee.

Invest as low as $100,000 and get your legal status for you and your family based on the (treaty investor visa).

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