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Fadi Kayyali has 3 law degrees. two from US and one from Jordan. Fadi Kayyali is a n immigration expert for people seeking investment in Europe, Asia and USA. Mr. Kayyali has 15 years of experience in immigration experience worldwide. Fadi Kayyali is not licensed to practice law in the United States in any civil or criminal matters or give any legal advise. have licensed lawyers in the USA that we can refer you to. We also have lawyers in St. Kitts, Portugal, Cyprus, and Dominica.

J Just wanted to draw everyone’s attention that the minimum required investment for the EB-5 visa is now $500,000.00 through regional centers.

      معاملة الجرين كارد عن طريق التوظيف  معاملة  I-140، أو معاملة الهجرة للعامل الأجنبي، تقدم كمعاملة عامل أجنبي ليصبح من المقيمين الدائمين في الولايات المتحدة. يجب على صاحب العمل تقديم معاملة طلب I-140 نيابة عنك في غضون 180 …

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