Information about the B-1 business visitor visa

Information about the B-1 business visitor visa

meeting with clients, business partners or attending conferences, etc. B-1 visa is a type of visa which is  is issued usually from the American embassy in the place where the applicant resides. The applicant must present certain documents to prove his temporary stay in the US along with a letter of invitation and proof of financial ability to support the applicant during his/her temporary stay. The applicant can be entitled to a work authorization in some limited cases. This is a quick visa for business investors, entrepreneurs and employees of foreign companies.  However, the limited duration of this B-1 visa and the inability to work, in most of the times, make other type of visas more solid for investors planing to stay in the US for longer times.

Fadi Kayyali has 3 law degrees. two from US and one from Jordan. Fadi Kayyali is a n immigration export and has 15 years of experience in immigration laws. Fadi Kayyali is not licensed in US to practice law in any civil or criminal matters.

2 comments on “Information about the B-1 business visitor visa
  1. Zakaria says:

    مرحباً، انا مدير وصاحب شركة في لبنان وأريد أن اذهب الى امريكا لكي احصل عل الغرين كارت كيف يمكنني أن أبدا

    • admin says:

      مرحباً سيد زكريا. ارغب اعطائي مزيد من المعلومات عن شركتك في الخارج مثل عدد الموظفين، إجمالي المبيعات، ألخ.
      اايضاً، هل ترغب بإنشاء فرع لشركتك في الولايات المتحدة؟ إذا رغبة بذلك، يمكنك القدوم إلى الولايات المتحدة كمدير للشركة. يرجى إرسال هذه المعلومات إلى إيميلي التالي

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